Sunday, August 29, 2010

the end, or the beginning!

ok so, I chose the day 1 workout yesterday! ah, it made my partner and I laugh. I have come a long way from day 1!

I cant believe it has been 90 days! this has been an emotional and tough journey, but so so rewarding.

I was thinking today, it mustv been some time back, mayby near the beggining of the PCP, where i was talking to a work mate about staying in shape and eating healthy. She was telling me how she very rarely if at all eats takeaways, and that she cooks her dinner every night. I could not understand how anyone
could go without ever eating takeaways. they were such a huge part of my diet that i just couldnt really get it. If i was tired, couldnt be bothered cooking, or felt unwell
- i usually had takeaways for dinner. mostly mcDonalds. But
now... i have no desire for McDonalds or takeaways. Now i get it. of course i have the odd oh yum! when i see it on tv, but i think about it a bit longer and imagine how greasy and unhealthy these foods are. This guy at work has takeaways at least 3 out of 5 times a week for lunch, i used to look at his food and really want what he had. now i look at it, and am a little disgusted that he puts that crap into his body so frequently. I also have the urge to say something to him - but as hard as it is i keep it to myself. ive said things before and he just looks at me the way i looked at my workmate when she told me she never eats takeaways, and people (my workmates) look at me like im a little nutty when i try to explain these things.

I wish i could spread my new goodness onto others, but really, unless you go through this magical journey of PCP or are really into the health scene yourself, people just dont get it, or dont really care. I sortv wish that my partner did this with me - he is reasonably healthy, and i tell him about what ive learnt, but ive found that unless you go through this process yourself, in one way or another, you just dont really get it. im not sure if that makes sense.

I no longer want to eat all those rotten processed foods at the supermarket (minus some items) such as bolonase sauce, white rice etc. i want freshness. i was gona buy some tandoori paste to put on my fish (try it its good!) but i decided not to buy the pack, but to make my own! haha.

an important thing that i have learnt is that gimmecks and quick weight loss regimes dont work. not in the long term anyway. the most important thing to be healthy and get into shape is the right food and daily exercise. I hear this all the time, but until i did the pcp, i just didnt get it. i was trying all sorts, i even brought the lemon detox diet before pcp and its still sitting in my cupboard. This was not the right way to go about loosing weight and keeping it off. so, i dont know what to do with it now. id give it away, but then it would be better for me to refer people to the PCP than to give them the detox!

Anywho, the thing is, not only have I lost weight and gotten into good shape thoughout this journey, i have learnt so so much, and i am so grateful to Patrick, his zen-ness and grate wisdom. The PCP has taught me so much and i hope to continue my new habits and what i have learnt and spread the word (to those who want to listen.haha) So thankyou Patrick!

Also, i want to thank my team SEXAAY team mates, you guys have been my rock throughout these 90 days, and i could not have done this without you! you guys kept me going on those days when i just wanted to give up! your support and wonderful comments really kept me going and i thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

I wish all the best to the current pcpers, keep going, you guys are doing great! it is so worth it at day 90.

and, congratulations to my team mates! we have made it! you guys have done a great job and are all looking amazing! woohoo!

ooh ooh, i did 3 full pullups on Sunday! holy moley!

So, my post pcp dinner was grand. prawn stirfry (with fish sauce, oyster sauce and singapore noodles) with a glass of wine, or two! yum. felt a little tipsy after the wine!

this is my last official post. but im not ready to say goodbye to ya'l yet. so im gona still post with some post pcp posts.

here are some day 90 photos!

Day 8 - 8th June 10
Day 90 Day 8

Loose pants New work skirt

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 89 bad bad week. old habits. last day tomorrow

wow so its our last day tomorrow! im excited to have it all over with but at the same time so so scared!

so i have a confession. ive had an extremley bad week. i havnt been feeling well, work is really shit and i sortv fell into old habits. i thought this was something i had under control, but my emotional eating reared its ugly head this week. ive had non pcp food this week. ive had chocolate a few times, some icecream and sundried tomatoes and olives in my salad. I did find that eating junk food made me feel even worse after because i didnt even need to eat it. it wasnt satisfying. so, i was gona keep that to myself as this is really stupid when i only had 1 week to go! worst way to end my journey, but its best just to put it out there.
so this is the biggest challenge i have ahead, not going back to old habits! i really dont want to undo all my hard work.

what does everyone else do when they are having a crap day?

Ive actually found too that exercising really makes me feel better. i feel better about myself and just happier. like how in one of emails Patrick was saying something about the endorphins. i have learnt so much over these past 3 months! im really really glad i did the pcp with my wonderful team mates and Patrick. ok so will check back in tomorrow with my pics for our last day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 87 - nearing the end!

So, the last couple of days i missed my workouts due to feeling not so good. im at home today (really should be at work) and those super shoulders sets are killer. so so painfull! i had my music on so was having a bit of a boogie during as i had to take my mind off the pain. although i know Patrick said to focus on the pain, it hurt!

i did my first pull up the other day! and did one today too. wow. usually my partner has to lift me! so thats cool. only 1 tho.

woah, only 3 more days to go! i cant believe its almost been 90 days! its been so so great to be on this journey with team SEXAAY!

so i was thinking, when is it ok to have a treat? and how much is too much? is it ok to sit down every friday night with a dvd and some chips and chocolate? i dont really know when its ok. Can i have chocolate whenever i feel like it? you know, as long as i keep up my daily exercise?

as we near the end i am worried about this stuff. sometimes im just outa control when it comes to chocolate.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

last weeks pics

Here are last weeks pics. for this weeks ill try change the resolution like Patrick said and wel see if i can get them on flicker. aaaargh no tights this time!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Slow internet

Well, i was gona post this weeks pics up, but it takes so long to get 1 picture up! Flicker wont let me upload either - error connection lost or something. so mayby my internet connection is too slow. but it worked before so i duno whats happening. so will have to put pics up when have some more time. gota get to bed soon, i wana get up early for my jumps!

jumps were a little tough, mostly cause my feet were hurting and my calf bone at the front gets sore. even tho the times are longer, i like that theres only two sets. its kinda the same times, but it tricks my brain. only 1 more set. yessss!

arrgh its only monday. boohoo. i want this week over already! work is so boring. and my tea and google search buddy left so its even more boring. boohoo. i have no one to waste time with.

ooh, i went shopping on the weekend. love that i have an actual size now. woohoo. before it was more like trial and error with clothes. and clothes just fit better now. its great.

my friend and i are gona start bikrum yoga soon - in the heat. should be good!

my belly just will not budge. it refuses to leave the vacinity. im not working as hard as i should be really.
ok night all.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 82

I had the yummiest tea tonight. pizza! but a healthy one. wholemeal wrap, i made the sauce with tomatoes, onion, basil and thyme, put some chicken, mushroom, capsicum and cherry tomatoes on with some spinich! and a sprinkle of parmersen. heres a pic - it dosnt look so great half eaten, but i was quite impressed with my base sauce! no need for that bottled stuff or cheese for that matter!

I had some of a brownie today. it was heaven. it was my friends last day at work. I wanted to eat the whole plate. but I ate my fruit. I know im going to continue healthy eating after pcp and i dont want to buy all that processed crap anymore. but chocolate, i just cant kick it. so, im gona have to have self control. im scared about that.

man, ive had a few confessions the last few weeks...

man those shoulder workouts are killer! ouch.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

day 80

ok, so i didnt do my workout yesterday! i know i shouldve done it. I had a headache after work then i didnt feel that great for the rest of the night, so i didnt do it. naughty.

I just havnt been getting much sleep cause of my constant peeing throughout the night. it such a pain! even when i have nothing to drink like a couple of hours before bed - im still up what seems every 20 mins! what the hell.

I havent been swimming for the last couple of weeks either, or climbing for about a month! im being lazy. but my sore back isnt helping. its getting there tho.

im loosing motivation and it shits me. i keep forgetting to take this weeks photo! will do that in the morning and put up. i pretty much look the same as the last few weeks i think.